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At Azusa, we recognize that enterprise solution needs can vary within both the public and private sectors. This is why we employ a wide range of consultants whose expertise in human capital management (HCM) isn’t confined to just one solution. In a constantly evolving world, we recognize the importance of continually deepening our knowledge base to stay on the cutting edge.

Azusa brings over 20 years of experience in implementation and support services to major intelligence agencies and has assisted in many successful HCM implementations.

Azusa's on-premise consulting services focus on integrated agile solutions designed to empower your organization's performance.


Our services include: 

  • Business Analysis & Planning Support 

  • Design 

  • Build, Integrate, Test & Release 

  • Training


HCM On Premise Solutions


Cloud Based HCM Solutions

An increasing number of organizations and agencies are utilizing cloud-based solutions. If cloud-based solutions are needed for the work you do, let Azusa help enable the transformation of your technology infrastructure to the cloud.


We can assist with the following: 

  • Lifting and shifting to the cloud support

  • SaaS Application Configuration and Implementation 

  • SaaS Application Administration and Management 

  • Analytics and reports creation

Cloud Based Solutions

Are you ready to take your organization’s enterprise functions to the next level?

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